Engage Miami is a group of young leaders no longer satisfied with sitting on the political sidelines


Our mission is to increase youth engagement within Miami-Dade by developing a culture of civic participation that is BOLD, CREATIVE, IMPACTFUL, and LOCAL.




We're home-grown, and led by awesome young people from across Miami-Dade – students, activists, artists, teachers, organizers, young professionals, and workers. 

We're a new generation of awesome civic leaders, with SWAGGER to spare.




We believe in SPEAKING YOUTH TO POWER. We help young people register to vote & learn everything they need to know to cast a ballot. We develop new civic leaders. We win social justice policy change. And we build power for our generation, in the street and at the ballot box.  

We are a member of the Alliance For Youth Action, which has transformed youth power from Colorado to Chicago to Texas.


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