The Power of Chalk: A Big Win for Public Spaces and Our Community

We won!  

For what seems like an eternity, organizations including the Urban Environmental League, Emerge Miami and Engage Miami have dedicated themselves to the cause of holding the Miami-Dade accountable for a promise it made to the people back in 1996.  When voters approved the American Airlines arena, the county also promised them that a 5-acre plot of waterfront land behind the arena would be made into a “world-class park.”...


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Starting Anew in D2

Hurricane-force change hit Miami’s local political scene this week. Last week’s City of Miami District 2 election exceeded dismal voter turnout expectations, thanks in large part to the efforts of Engage Miami and other organizations who brought out many first-time local voters. We believe the outcome of this race was no fluke or “curious phenomenon,” but rather a clear indication that the under-40 vote in this community is taking over Miami’s political landscape.

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