Your secret ballot means it's all yours to decide, but hopefully the local, nonprofit-prepared info in our voter guides help you make a confident decision!

We have reached out to 57 candidates in the 31 federal and state races in Miami-Dade County with seven questions on issues that young people have shared are important to them. 

If a candidate failed to respond, we used voting records, public statements, and party platforms (marked with a * when applicable) to help you research the choices for you to make on your ballot this election. 

We are distributing answers in 75,000+ printed voter guides, so be on the lookout for them around Miami. Check out the State Senate races in Miami-Dade County online below. 

First find your individual State Senate District by typing in your address on this map and then clicking on the "Districts" tab. You will see your "Florida Senate" district number listed there. Then learn more about your candidate(s) below:

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